The Orange County Arboretum

Last week I took a day to get away from the constants, which for me have become looking for more work, wedding planning and house upkeep. I’d heard from another local photographer that the Orange County Arboretum was someplace to check out.

I’d been putting the trip off for a while and once I went I couldn’t figure out why I’d waited so long. It was so close by and really just made my day. It was wonderful, nestled in a rural area with lots of little surprises. As I walked around I’d find fountains or some plantings and pavilions built to represent different cultures. There was a statue of a Satyr playing a pan flute surrounded by water and splashing fountains. In another area there was a miniature Pagoda surrounded with Japanese Maples. Butterflies were about and the bees we’re sampling all of the flowers. I think my favorite part of the arboretum was the pond. As I walked up, to my disappointment, I accidentally scared a turtle away. I’d have liked to have photographed him. However, I quickly discovered tons of tadpoles, some fish, bull frogs (which may quite possibly be the largest I’ve ever seen) and many dragon flies zipping about.

So, should you be in the area looking for some time to get out and away from work I would recommend taking a few hours to walk around the Orange County Arboretum. See what little natural wonders you can find…and photograph.