The Orange County Arboretum

Last week I took a day to get away from the constants, which for me have become looking for more work, wedding planning and house upkeep. I’d heard from another local photographer that the Orange County Arboretum was someplace to check out.

I’d been putting the trip off for a while and once I went I couldn’t figure out why I’d waited so long. It was so close by and really just made my day. It was wonderful, nestled in a rural area with lots of little surprises. As I walked around I’d find fountains or some plantings and pavilions built to represent different cultures. There was a statue of a Satyr playing a pan flute surrounded by water and splashing fountains. In another area there was a miniature Pagoda surrounded with Japanese Maples. Butterflies were about and the bees we’re sampling all of the flowers. I think my favorite part of the arboretum was the pond. As I walked up, to my disappointment, I accidentally scared a turtle away. I’d have liked to have photographed him. However, I quickly discovered tons of tadpoles, some fish, bull frogs (which may quite possibly be the largest I’ve ever seen) and many dragon flies zipping about.

So, should you be in the area looking for some time to get out and away from work I would recommend taking a few hours to walk around the Orange County Arboretum. See what little natural wonders you can find…and photograph.

Morganography from a new location!

Hi all,

A week ago I relocated to another part of New York. Finally, the rain has stopped and it is a beautiful, albeit very hot and humid, April day. Time to enjoy the outdoors and take some photos! If anyone is familiar with the Middletown area and has any places they might suggest visiting/photographing, let me know. Every time I go out I find something new in the area. 🙂

Photographer’s Forum

Well, I have some very good news. I think it’s very exciting anyway…

I’ve received a letter that I have made it to the finalist round of an international college photography contest, held by The Photographers Forum. I’m certainly *very* hopeful that I make it to the next round (I’ll be notified in February) but I’m still feeling pretty accomplished to have made it this far out of 13,960 photographs submitted.. At the very least I am getting my photograph published in a book and will have another line to add to my resume. Fingers crossed, everyone!

Update (3/2/11): Did not win, but I’m still pretty pleased to have been a finalist in an international contest. My image is up on their website here. Also, keep in mind the book, Best of College Photography 2011! It is available for pre-sale through the end of May and this is a one time printing deal…

Heirlooms: Grandpa's Pocketwatch

Always, always an educational experience

With the winter season comes a new batch of classes at the Genesee Center for the Arts & Education. So far I have signed up for four classes. There continue to be so many things that interest me. It’s hard to limit myself to just those classes when there are many avenues left unexplored to me thus far. The Genesee Center offers classes in Photography, Printing & Book Arts and Pottery. I love paper. And making paper. I love the whole hands on experience and then printing and creating a book. It’s exhilarating to see the final product come into being, knowing that you had a hand in every single step of the process. Then there are the Photography classes… I may have just graduated with a Photography concentration but one is always able to learn more and grow. I want to learn more. Constantly. Especially when there are classes on process that I find so fascinating. Salt Printing… Palladium Printing.. I cannot wait to dive in and learn about these and spend time in the darkroom while I’m at it. I am only sorry that I was unable to take the Wet-plate Collodion course offered last spring. The Genesee Center is such an asset to the community and if you are in the area, I encourage you to stop in- maybe even sign up for a class!

Also, if anyone is in the area, why not take a trip out to Brockport? Currently, my very good friend Amanda Inman, has a fantastic show hanging there in the West Side Gallery from January 25th through February 11th. The Gallery, more specifically, is located at 180 Holley Street, Brockport, NY. It is on the second floor of the Tower Fine Arts Building. The Gallery Hours are Monday thru Friday 10am to 4pm.

On to the next step.

It’s happened! I’m officially done with classes and will be done with finals shortly. I feel as good as graduated.

Tonight my friend and I took down our show that had been hanging in a gallery space in Rochester.

As everything is wrapping up, I hope to post more images and create a few new galleries in the next couple of days.

This progress feels good.